Citi Field 4/17

So as I said I attended the mets games on 4/17 which was a friday.  And keep in mind that I went with my dad and my friend whos name is Gabe.  And of course since my friend and I are looking to catch some balls and get some autographs we went to Citi Field an hour before it opened and heres what it looked like when we got there.



So there actually wasnt a lot of people so that was good for me and Gabe.  But I kept in mind that there would be more people coming in as time went by and of course i was right but there still wasnt alot of people which was still good for me and the competition would be low.

And this was the view to my right.



So when the security checked my bags and my tickets me and Gabe just ZOOMED through the rotunda and headed to the foul area and right when I came in to the section the mets were stretching right in front of me and Oliver Perez tossed me a ball so I said “Thank you” and me and Gabe went to Center field. Heres what the ball looked like



095.JPG So we saw K-rod and i asked him in spanish to pass me a ball and no ball So I  yelled ” JERK!” and then someone I dont know who hit a home run and my friend gabe snatched it.  And might I say he snatched it very quickly.  So then we headed to left field where our seats were and I see David Wright hit a homer our way and it hit a seat and rolled to me so YES! Heres a look at the ball its been used a couple times which is good for me..


New Yankee Stadium game 4/3

Well it finally happened I went to the first game of the New Yankee Stadium.  And let me say that the minute I walked in I just fell in complete awe.  And I saw the second game today and the stadium looks nothing likes it does in real life…So lets start from the top. I came home from school and I packed the things I need to get autographs and to catch a ball.  So I packed my glove, a roster of both teams, an offical baseball, a blue pen, my phone, and my camera.  My dad and I started driving and it just started pouring and my hopes were down.  I started thinking to myself “oh my god whats going on its definatley canceled.” My friend called me and he said its probably gonna get cancelled.  And then it started easing up and pouring again.  Then by the time we got to the stadium parking lot it didnt rain.( By the way we went to the parking lot by the old stadium and the walk was pretty long) Then we got to the stadium and it looked like a billions bucks literally.


015.JPGSo as soon as I went in I took a couple of pictures and then i walked around.  So I see Mariano Rivera warming up and he was signing right after for the Westpoint school students.  And I was so excited to see that he was signing so I ran down the foul line seats and an usher stopped me and asks to see my ticket.  And asks me if I have seats in that section.  And I said No so he says then you cant go here.  So i simply said you dont understand I’ll just be 2 seconds and he replys with what dont you understand you cant go here now go.  Good to know the New Stadium hired New ushers but have the same attitude as the old one.  Just great Rivera jsut signed and I missed it.  Then I head to the third base side and I see John flarrety signing and again of course i cant head down there for 2 seconds to get an autograph.  The guy before who was so rude said to me it wouldnt matter if jesus christ was signing and I thought to myself ” If jesus christ was signing he’d be going down there himself.”



028.JPGSo now the hopes of me getting an autograph was now all gone but i thought to my self since I do have seat right behind the Yankees bullpen maybe I can get a ball or even get an autograph from the pitchers or the pitching coaches.  So I walk around and I try to get into monument park but I realized that there was a huge line for it, so that was over for me.  And I thought to myself eh maybe the museum might be worth it but no there was also a huge line there too, just great.  But I definatley noticed that the great hall looked amazing. Take a look



022.JPGSo then I headed back to my seat in right field and took a couple of pictures and saw the Cubs coming out and warming up in left field.  And I couldnt ask them to throw me a ball cause they were too far away.  So then, I see Carlos Zambrano running around right field which was riht in front of me and I said Hi and he waved back which was nice of him.


062.JPGThen I was relieved when I saw the field crew taking the tarp off and everyone started clapping. 



065.JPGThen Wang started walking over and started streching. 


067.JPGWhile Wang was stretching Jorge Posada starting walking over and started streching. 



073.JPGAfter that I see a marching band coming out and and heading to behind home plate and a group of soldiers carrying this huge flag ready to lay it out. And it was all too unreal for me because I’ve never seen this ceremony.And as soon as the national anthem started everyone took off their hats and they rolled out the flag.




080.JPGAnd since Posada was warming up in the bullpen i was watching him and right in the end of the anthem he neiled down and did the “father the son the holy spirit” really fast like 5 times in a row and then drew a cross on the dirt in the bull pen about 5 or 6 times and I noticed that I was the only one that noticed that because I said to everyone near me did you see that and even the pitching coach didnt see him do it.



083.JPGThen they announced that Reggie Jackson would be throwing out the first pitch and I started freaking out cause I was a huge fan and I had never seen him before. And in the bullpen I saw Jose veras and I asked him if he would sign my ball and he said not now but later and then a cop made me move and made me go back to my seat so the hopes of me getting an autograph were now over big time. It was a good game with 3 homers and Yankees won so i was happy but i was sad with the fact that I went home empty handed…Oh well I still have a chance at Citi Field.  Heres some extra pictures enjoy.













First ever ball I caught

Since my name is Autographseeker I do collect baseball memorbilia.  And this next piece is one of my favorite peices because it was the first ever ball I caught at a Stadium.  And it just so happened to be Yankee Stadium.  It was August 17th 2006. My dad and I went for my birthday and the Yankees were versing the Orioles at 1:05 pm est.  We were sitting in the right field bleachures. And as it turns out there was no batting practice and it made it that much harder to now catch a ball.  And right in front of me is Hideki Matsui the Yankees outfielder warming up his arm.( By the way he was injured due to a slideing catch he attempted to make with a broken wrist). And everyones yelling from right field for that one ball.  And after he was done he simply left the ball sitting 10 feet in front of me, and of course everyones yelling for the ball hoping a player will come out of nowhere and just throw it at some lucky fan.  And sooner or later Matsui picked up the ball and threw it at me and a man next to me congratulated me saying that I was the luckiest fan in the stadium.  And to this day I still have that ball protected in a case.

Going to Citi Field on April 17th agaisnt the Brewers

cc82137e05b6__1238414067000.jpgdecided to go to the Mets game only because it looks like a really good stadium and theres no reason of why not to go see it.  So the other day I drove around Citi field and took a couple pictures of it with my phone and i must say that I’m pretty excited about going to Citi field.  And the New Yankee Stadium game is only 4 games away I’ve come so far and i cant wait.


I need everyones help to help me decide which game to go to.

As all of you already know i’m heading to the New Yankee Stadium April 3rd which is 11 days away.  And my dad gave me the choice of going to a mets game against the brewers on the 17th which is during my spring break. Or going to a phillies game against the padres on the same date. Also the last choice was going to another Yankee game on the 1st of May. Now I thought of these pros and cons.

Pros and cons of going to Citi field against the Brewers

Pros: If I go I can say I went to both of the new stadiums already and I’ll get to adventure around.

cons:I can go anytime this season I want since I live less than an hour away…

Pros and cons of going to the Phillies game

Pros: I get to go to a new stadium I havent been to that I’ve always wanted to been to.

I get to see the defending world champions play at home. The tickets are better seats for me. I live about a couple hours away so on a vacation its perfect.

Cons: I have to hold my excitement until after the long drive there and we have to time it to get their during batting practice. And I have to go all the way back home.  If i dont catch any balls or get any autographs i went all the way to Phillie for nothing.

Pros and cons of going to the Yankee game again

Pros: Yankees are my favorite team so i get to see them play. The game counts unlike the exhibition.

Cons: Tickets are expensive except for the bleachers…I already went there and it limits me going to see new stadiums.


Not going to David Wells signing and possibly going to another Yankee game in May?

Well I did all the math on how much money I would be losing if I went to the David Wells signing and buying my dad’s birthday present and I realized that I wouldnt be broke but I would be left with 1/3 of what I had…So I decided to cancel the David wells signing to save money since money doesnt grow on trees and to save up for better signings and more Yankee games.  Oh yea and I found out that the Yankee single game tickets begin On Tuesday at 10am.  If you read my blogs you’ll remember that I will be attending Yankee exhibition game at the new stadium on April 3rd.  And I was considering going to a Yankee-Angel game on May 1st be
david%20wells.jpgcause I want to try to go to a game every month.

Hank Aaron signing June 13th Rye Ridge, New york 12pm-1:30pm

I know I announced before that I’ll be going to a David Wells and David Cone signing but, you’ll notice that I go to a lot of games, tours,and signings.  The Hank aaron signing is June 13th and I reccomend it to anyone who is a fan of baseball and is willing to pay the money to see him.  If I remember correctly last time the price was around 200 but I dont know, it might of gone down. But for more info you can go on

David Wells and David Cone signing

On April 5th 2009 at 11am to 1:30 pm I will be attending a David Wells and David Cone signing. After I attend this signing I will have all 3 Yankee pitchers who have pitched perfect games.  It costs 75 dollars for a 16×20 photo or a baseball for each player for more info go on  Oh and one more thing its located in Rye ridge, New York.  So if your going please let me know.